Monday 9 June 2014

Fatal Diseases That transmitted through Birds into Humans

Parasites have become a significant factor in today’s human’s lives.  These parasites are everywhere in the society and are transmitted into human bodies through various means, such as contaminated food & water, human itself also, and the pet we have in our houses.
Where these pets become the reason of your home beauty, here these pets also transmitted various harmful microscopic germs into human’s body. Here pets does not mean only dog & cats, your pet birds may also one of the main cause of parasitic diseases.

Keeping pets at home is a very common human behavior and no doubt many people like to have nice pet birds. My name is Elena and I have Pigeons and Parrots at my home. I like to spend some of my free time with these pets.  But there is one fact, that these pet birds may transmit various microscopic germs into human body and thus lead to different fatal diseases.  No doubt birds are most beautiful human’s pets today, but we also need to remember the fact that these pets may transmit various fatal diseases into humans. I am not saying we should not have pet birds, I am just saying while taking birds as a pet, we need to show a more care to our health.
Here also it does not mean that diseases are just associated with birds only, there are also some more factors that contributing in causing different diseases. But, presence of these pets makes it easy for parasites to transmit into the human bodies as these pets have direct contacts with our bodies.  Here are some common parasitic diseases that actually transmitted into the human bodies through these birds and other pets.
·        Candida
·        Influenza
·        Respiratory Syndrome
·        Constipation
·        Encephalitis
As now it has proved that parasitic organisms may easily transmit into the human bodies through pets, then it is really important to be careful of them. They may transfer into your body through your bedroom, furniture, or other equipment that have already contaminated with these parasites. Once these parasites enter into your bodies, first they caused many digestive problems and thus attack on the immune system and make it weak. 
Remember that weak immune system cannot easily fight against diseases and thus your body becomes the host of various fatal diseases.  The most common pet transferable infection is Candida, which is found in significant amounts in almost each and every normal bird’s digestive tract. Once you body become the host Candida infection, it may easily cause a lot of various skin diseases in your body.
I know, you might be thinking about that how you may get rid of this harmful parasitic infection. I would never consider you to leave your pet birds. I can’t live without my pet birds.
Recently a new device has been developed that have a capability to kill many these parasites, bacteria, viruses, and other harmful microbes in just a few minutes by using mild, safe electrical pulses. The name of such amazing device is Hulda Clark Zapper by ParaZapper. The many users also consider ParaZapper the best alternative way to kill all these microbes. Dr.Hulda Clark also recommended doing parasites cleanse by using a zapper like ParaZapper at least two times a year. 
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